Oct 01

STAB! 310 – High School Funeral

In this good ol’, down home, all natural and damned proud episode of the STAB! show, rough ‘n tumble sum bitch and host Jesse Jones welcomes a simple, hard workin’ panel of Ross Dunmore (Jordan Gannon), Dayna Bryant & Tyler Kinney to share their three takes on BUFORA, nine bulletin board items in the break room of Greed, recipes for someone who gets offended by something in a comedy show and then tries to get the person who offended them fired from their job, a first date that is also going to be a last date, & someone who drinks three energy drinks a day, angry poems about lists, wrists, & twists, and business pitches for a store specializing in high end designer chewing tobacco for the discerning, high-society red neck, a chain of salt restaurants opening it’s first location in Slugtown, & daycare services for people whose adult children have moved back in with them.

STAB! 310 - High School Funeral

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