Jul 24

STAB! 326 – Candy Nipples & Bullets Fetuses

In this tasty, high caliber episode of the STAB! show, sweet and deadly host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel confusion including Melony Ford, Cory Barringer & Tyler Kinney to share with you their three CNMATs, pick-up lines to and from unbridled enthusiasm, a Spenser’s Gifts, & energy efficient windows, closing arguments in defense of walking in on someone who forgot to lock the public restroom door, rap rock, & the Dollar Store freezer section, reviews of stuff including a Travelocity review for the World of the Candyland Board Game, a Rolling Stone review of Munch’s Make Believe Band, & a NextDoor thread about a neighborhood yard sale, and tourism guides for the I-Guess-It-Turned-Out-Okay Islands, Epictropolis, & Ask-Yer-Mom-sylvania.

STAB! 326 - Candy Nipples & Bullets Fetuses

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