Oct 02

STAB! 331 – Chock Fulla Holes

In this airy, breezy episode of the STAB! show, moist, puckered host Jesse Jones welcomes a gaping panel of Becky Lynn, Luke Soin & Tyler Kinney to share their three takes on HRC, greeting cards for “So You Accidentally Went in the Wrong Hole”, that complete waste of space, & “Sorry you overheard me calling you a ‘fat fat fatty’ at the office”, campaign speeches for a Squatty Potty running for a position on the As Seen For TV board of directors, a gunshot wound running for sheriff of the holes on a body, & a claymation raisin, who WASN’T a member of the California Raisins, running for president of the animated characters union, angry poems about puce, goose, & obtuse, and erotic letters to the editors of Meditation Magazine, Practical Pigs, & How It Works Magazine.

STAB! 331 - Chock Fulla Holes

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