Oct 03

STAB! 332 – Rigatoni & Clammy Minestrone

In this chewy, runny episode of the STAB! show, noodly host Jesse Jones welcomes a brothy panel of Christiana, Alex Shewmaker & Seth Rubin to share their three NBWs, bootleg versions of Caturday, TGIF, & a Case of the Mondays, descriptions of new drugs, Yip-Yaps, Lazy Daves, & Mlabloxyn, various reviews of things, including a TripAdvisor review of a storage unit Christiana currently or previously had, a Rolling Stone review of a mixtape Alex made when he was 10, & an Amazon review of Empathy, and tourism guides for Everythings-fine-burgh, Just-Joshin-Ya-ton, & Subjective-ville.

STAB! 332 - Rigatoni & Clammy Minestrone

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