Oct 05

STAB! 334 – Same Time Blowies

In this mutually beneficial episode of the STAB! show, generous host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of hella sick bros Cory Barringer, David Coleman & Melony Ford as they share their three takes on BRC, nine items on the bathroom walls of Autumn, campaign speeches from a golf glove signed by Ricky Rudd running for Sheriff of a Buffalo Wild Wings, a case of Tropical Starburst running for a position in a Little League concession stand, & an ice sculpture of Rick Sanchez running for a position in a 20 something crypto bro’s birthday party, dating profiles for a third string goalie, a superhero created in the 50s, & someone who can do a backflip by running and kicking off a wall, and the synopsis of made-up movies, “I Was a Teenage Clone”, “Professor Extreme and the Nuke Troopers”, & “New York Honest”.

STAB! 334 - Same Time Blowies

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