Oct 06

STAB! 335 – A Multiverse of Toomgis’

In this delicious, convenient episode of the STAB! show, food monster and host Jesse Jones welcomes a salted caramel chocolate chip cookie three pack panel of Willie Travis, Kameron Schmid & Molly Doan to share their various TEAMs, pick-up lines to and from wet socks, Chicago style deep dish pizza, & a mother sauce, recipes for that sketchy person you still hang out with even though you know you probably shouldn’t, a hug when you didn’t know you were on a hug level, & a magical trip to Apple Hill, angry poems about flops, mops, & props, and business pitches for a novelty gag gift shop that sells solely to funerals, organizing rodeos for PETA events, & a crayon sales person attempting to break into the corporate world.

STAB! 335 - A Multiverse of Toomgis’

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