Oct 11

STAB! 340 – Bodily Gels

In this ooey, gooey episode of the STAB! show, drippy gelatinous host Jesse Jones and a non-Newtonian panel of Eric Barger, Michelle Petro & Molly Doan discuss their three different CACKLEs, nine pieces from the bathroom wall of Halloween, campaign speeches from a mixed vegetable party tray running for a spot on a Halloween party potluck table, a rusty hamster cage running for Mayor of an “estate sale”, & a creepy porcelain baby doll running for a position in a brand new cover of the “Monster Mash” song, descriptions of new drugs Jack O’Lantern Candles, Eye of Newt, & Wax Lips, and erotic letters to the editors of Cranes Today, Emu Today & Tomorrow, & Girls and Corpses Magazine.

STAB! 340 - Bodily Gels

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