Oct 12

STAB! 341 – Folding In On Ourselves

In this very self examined episode of the STAB! show, navel gazing host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of fifth dimensional beings, Jason Whitesel & Trip Hazard to share their two takes on YASSS, bootlegs of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Minions, & James Cameron’s Avatar, craigslist postings for a book of coupons your kids made for your birthday one year that you never redeemed, & a binder full of elaborate heist ideas, reviews of things, including a Yelp review for a co-worker’s lunch you just ate out of the break room fridge, & Amazon review of Amazon reviews, and run downs of new Fall TV series, “Suffering House”, & “Rex Action & The Brave Foxes”.

STAB! 341 - Folding In On Ourselves

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