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Dec 25

STAB! 380 – Merry Pissmass, Uncles

In this sterile episode of the STAB! show, someone’s brother and host Jesse Jones welcomes a holly, jolly, drippy panel of Trip Hazard, Sam Hochhalter & Jaclyn Weiand to share their three takes on YULE, greeting cards for “So, you completely whiffed on everyone’s gifts AGAIN this year?”, “Merry Credit Card Debt Season”, & “Condolences, …

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Oct 12

STAB! 341 – Folding In On Ourselves

In this very self examined episode of the STAB! show, navel gazing host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of fifth dimensional beings, Jason Whitesel & Trip Hazard to share their two takes on YASSS, bootlegs of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Minions, & James Cameron’s Avatar, craigslist postings for a book of coupons your kids made …

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Jul 01

STAB! 321 – What’s New?

In this crisp, refreshing episode of the STAB! show, new car scented host Jesse Jones welcomes fresh of the line panelists Molly Doan, Trip Hazard & Tyler Kinney to usher in Five Brand New Segments, including their new STAB!tionary entries from random letters GBUHUNY, BLGISET, & ASLWIIY, greeting cards for when you can’t even, somebody …

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Oct 11

STAB! 316 – Woke Bros

Hey Bro, it’s really considerate that you’re listening to this episode of the STAB! show! Your thoughtful host Jesse Jones is really attuned to your situation and his super sick panel of hella tight allies Benton Harshaw, Trip Hazard & Allie Rubin are here to share their three takes on BPOE, pick-up lines to or …

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Oct 23

STAB! 235 – Axe Handles Just Happen

In this blunt force episode of the STAB! show, host and big dumb object Jesse Jones invites unwieldy panelists Trip Hazard, Aviva Siegel and Tyler Kinney to share with the ears of unsuspecting listeners their three takes on YACC, nine pieces found on the bathroom walls of Heaven, powerful closing arguments defending that fart right …

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Oct 10

STAB! 191 – Gus & Janet

There’s a sweaty pitcher of lemonade sittin’ on a TV tray behind the patio railings what shoulda been repainted a couple summers ago now but things just keep comin’ up. Welcome on in, sit a spell, you’re home here. In this adorable, home spun episode of STAB!, John Morris Ross IV welcomes on in Benton …

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STAB! 153 – Get Dat Money

You want them stacks a listeners all slobberin’ down your podcast stats? Well we got the secrets ta how ta get dem listeners! Come on out to our seminar and we’ll teach you the secret to obscure, audience alienating nonsense: the STAB! way! In this free episode of STAB! hosted by John Morris Ross IV …

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Jul 09

STAB! 133 – Oogly, Googly, Achoogly

Have you been diagnosed with Oogly eyes? Perhaps you’ve been prescribed something meant to fight Googlyism. Has the pollen content in your area rendered your eyes, Achoogly? These are serious, if comically named conditions. On this medically approved episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV runs guests/patients Trip Hazard, Amy Estes, Stephen Ferris and …

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Mar 05

STAB! 122 – Riggity-Rap-Rock-Opera-opolis

There’s a funky place that you all should know, when your family needs a trip and they want to go, to someplace new they never been befo’, so just hit the road and you’ll be there before you know! Guiding you through this hip new land of STAB!, host John Ross brings guests Alfonso Portela, …

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Jan 29


All rules are merely suggestions, followed for fear of retribution by SKANDERBEG! There is no blue, we all only agree that we see it because SKANDERBEG said he did, and we know better than to question SKANDERBEG! John Ross, host of STAB! and vessel of SKANDERBEG asks guests Daniel Humbarger, Trip Hazard and Jesse Jones …

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