STAB! 153 – Get Dat Money

You want them stacks a listeners all slobberin’ down your podcast stats? Well we got the secrets ta how ta get dem listeners! Come on out to our seminar and we’ll teach you the secret to obscure, audience alienating nonsense: the STAB! way!

In this free episode of STAB! hosted by John Morris Ross IV at a travelodge near you brings guest speakers Joe-Joe Louis, Trip Hazard, Ray Molina and Jesse Jones together to share four different takes on SH*T, twelve small horse intercourse haiku, their money making thoughts on the first jukebox, Swedish executions, Miley Cyrus, wartime food rationing, Buy Nothing Day, the cellular telephone, Sacramento Kings record road losing streak, the Janney Coupler, the synopsis of made-up movies, “The Pump Hammer Aftermath”, “Goat Oatmeal”, “Stone Chubby Clover”, and “Mint Babies 2”, and the business pitches of a Pimp who is also a Life Coach, a board game store in a town entirely populated by child molesters, a thrift store for whites only, and selling balls of hair from the trunk of your car.

You got dat money? Naw? Well then I guess you ain’t listened yet, ‘cause if you had, you’d know how to Get Dat Money! So why haven’t you listened yet? Hate money? Sounds like it. Phhhff, leave the stacks to them what like to stack ‘em. Me, and the rest of us who gonna Get Dat Money!

STAB! 153 - Get Dat Money

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