STAB! 154 – Klask

Have you heard the good word of Klask? It’s your one, last, best hope for salvation! Klask is the only thing greater than ourselves! Klask was here before us and all that shall remain when we are gone will be KLASK!

In this episode of Klask’s STAB! brought to you by Klask, host John Morris Ross Klask welcomes guests Mike Cella, Shahera Hyatt and Jesse Jones to share their three new MISSISSIPPIs, nine Florida fart altercation haiku, their thoughts on Clay Aiken, a Rome fireworks factory tragedy, Pink Floyd, atomic bombs, Bo Jackson, face transplants, wedding vows to big tobacco, a millennial blaming Baby Boomer, and a single ply toilet paper roll, and the synopsis of made-up movies, “Whip Finger”, “Wealthy Red Loaf”, and “Incandescent Sulky Face”.

Bow down and worship before the altar of Klask, or weep for eternity in the knowledge that your immortal soul has been devoured by the darkness that swallows all Klask biscuits! KLASK!

STAB! 154 - Klask

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