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Nov 22

STAB! 367 – Close The Door Behind You, The Cats’ll Get Out

In this skittish episode of the STAB! show, pet parent and host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel full of smoosh face rascals, Eric Barger, Marco Cabodi & Jaclyn Weiand to share their three takes on CSI, nine 80s bulletin board items, campaign speeches for a can of Chicken and Stars soup running for President of …

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Jul 01

STAB! 321 – What’s New?

In this crisp, refreshing episode of the STAB! show, new car scented host Jesse Jones welcomes fresh of the line panelists Molly Doan, Trip Hazard & Tyler Kinney to usher in Five Brand New Segments, including their new STAB!tionary entries from random letters GBUHUNY, BLGISET, & ASLWIIY, greeting cards for when you can’t even, somebody …

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Jun 24

STAB! 302 – All The Fixins

In this chock full to over flowin’ episode of the STAB! show, your plump and juicy host Jesse Jones welcomes a savory panel of Eric James Barger I, Michelle Petro, Jason Whitesel & Molly Doan to share their three KJVs, nine items on the bulletin board in the break room of Illuminati headquarters, recipes for …

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Sep 24

STAB! 044 – The Rubble of the Rec Center

In this STAB!, Principal John Ross asks cool kids Jaclyn Weiand, Edgar Granados and Tyler Kinney all about Cleopatra’s unpronouncibly named son, oboist Paul Goodwin, Salma Hayek, Pope Innocent X’s Castro-struction, Bob (John?) Denver’s death, Swiss landslides, topical Arizona toddler drowning haiku, various and varied VMAs, tragic conjoined twin Google searches, erotic poetry about the …

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