Jun 24

STAB! 302 – All The Fixins

In this chock full to over flowin’ episode of the STAB! show, your plump and juicy host Jesse Jones welcomes a savory panel of Eric James Barger I, Michelle Petro, Jason Whitesel & Molly Doan to share their three KJVs, nine items on the bulletin board in the break room of Illuminati headquarters, recipes for an eternal optimist, a doomsday prepper, & the guy who calls everybody “Bro” & “Chief” etc, angry poems about creeps, leaps, & beeps, and business pitches for someone who sells finger sandwiches in a town where everyone takes things a little too literally, target practice and firearm proficiency classes for 80s cartoon characters, and an insurance salesman in a town run by the mob.

STAB! 302 – All The Fixins

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