Oct 16

STAB! 345 – Chekhov’s Goo

In this foreshadowed episode of the STAB! show, useful tool and host Jesse Jones welcomes a sticky, looming panel of Aviva Siegel, Dayna Bryant & Christy Farley to share their three takes on BLOG, nine pieces from the bathroom wall of Time, closing arguments in defense of Socks and Sandals, a meeting that could have been an email, & a mother who all they said was “How are you doing?” and you don’t have to bite their heads off already jeeze, angry poems about solid foods, cranky moods, & requests for nudes, and pitches for businesses including a sip & paint events for color blind recovering alcoholics, selling old world recipes in a town populated entirely by Grandmothers, & a museum that curates AI generated art.

STAB! 345 - Chekhov's Goo

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