Nov 13

STAB! 363 – Thoughts And Energetic Healing

In this psychically directed episode of the STAB! show, crystal keeper and host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of warm, purposeful energy in Dayna Bryant, Imin J. Love & Jordan Gannon to share their three SMSUAs, greeting cards for “Congratulations on not losing your shit this week”, “So, you just had your first awkward sexual experience” & “Welp, I guess THAT happened”, celebrations of “A Hard Day’s Night”, the world’s first roller rink, the 1994 Major League Baseball strike, “American Graffiti”, the Mall of America, & the Statue of Liberty, wedding vows to a toothache, someone who slows down merging onto the freeway, & Slenderman, and tourism guides for What-makes-you-say-that-ville, Philipdelphia & Quaintsburgh.

STAB! 363 - Thoughts And Energetic Healing

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