Nov 20

STAB! 366 – The Saddest Night of STAB!

In this, pretty expected episode of the STAB! show, nonplussed host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of glum, including Jeff Brown, Christiana & Nick Pettigrew to share their three STABLUs, pick-up lines to and from Thanksgiving decorations, a toe ring, & the people in the picture of a Junior College course catalog, celebrations of Henry Bliss, Luna-2, Margaret Sanger, the Battle of Crampton’s Gap, The Marble Palace, & Ivan Pavlov, descriptions of new drugs, Lolli-Crunches, Purple Dibbys, & Xergripxylunx, and run downs of new Fall TV shows, First-Class Destruction, Debate People, & Repulsive Drawing.

STAB! 366 - The Saddest Night of STAB!

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