Dec 04

STAB! 372 – Did The Recipe Change, Or Did You?

In this numb, cold episode of the STAB! show, person of growth and host Jesse Jones welcomes a familiar, but different panel of Frankie Lord, Kameron Schmid & Nick Pettigrew to share their three VFDs, Halloween pick-up lines to and from slasher movies, plastic vampire teeth, & an amateur haunted house, breakfast cereals branded around a loveless relationship, an unfulfilling professional life, & good things happening to bad people, dating profiles for someone who turns all of their lights off on Halloween so nobody comes to their door, someone who gives out full sized candy bars, & someone who puts up their Christmas decorations on November 1st, and the synopsis of made-up movies “Disease Party”, “Positronic Monday”, & “Real Legends of the Southern Space Force”.

STAB! 372 - Did The Recipe Change, Or Did You?

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