Dec 22

STAB! 379 – One Hundred And Three Babes

In this luscious episode of the STAB! show, chick magnet and host Jesse Jones welcomes a ladyless panel of David Shapiro & Jeff Brown to share their two random reorganizations, (in this case XYZ & BBB), pick-up lines to and from a half eaten deer carcass, & Q-words, craigslist posting for a box of “Old World” candy that David great grandparents sent in a care package when you were young but you could never get yourself to throw away, & a guided public transportation tour of all of Jeff’s weirdest life choices, descriptions of new drugs Lifty Drops, & Enzyxitrol, and run downs of new Fall TV shows, “Antique Man”, & “Journey to Uranus”.

STAB! 379 - One Hundred And Three Babes

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