Nov 06

STAB! Special – Pineapple Sticker

Recorded in the Blue Room in Chico, California on April 19th, 2013, this was the 4th time we ever did the show called STAB!, and it featured a crew of Chico comics, including Steve Swim, Will Craig and Kyle Bowen (along with Sacramento’s John Ross and Jesse Jones).

This special episode, is being uploaded again for the first time since it was removed from Pod Bean approximately five years ago as a tribute to Kyle Bowen and featured a very chatty drunk (In Chico? What?!), tweets from a stillborn baby, their craigslist ads for one of their ex-girlfriends, three TROPICAL topical haiku about Obama and Pineapple (and one TROPICAL limerick), letters to Mama from the inventors of Christian Mingle, Jews & Red Velvet Cake, the Taliban, and pocket pussy, and four different perfect endings to the show.

A lot can be said about life and how it ends, but Will Craig sums things up unknowingly well 5 1/2 years ago. Thank you for being who you were Kyle, thank you for sharing this temporary moment with us, it will be remembered.

STAB! Special - Pineapple Sticker

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