Feb 23

STAB! 016 – Best of STAB! Volume 3 – Poetry Robot

So much Best, we (apparently) needed three episodes to contain it all! Imagine a rainbow, illuminated by the infinite potential of gifted children, giving birth to a litter of wish granting kittens on the surface of a planet made entirely of unconditional love; and know that next to the “Best Of” contained in this episode, that rainbow kitten planet sounds like a sippy cup full of Hitler’s diarrhea!

Comedians Johnny Taylor, Jon Gomora, Jordan Gannon and Jesse Jones “Best Of” at host John Ross about Princess Diana, one’s first yoga pants experience, white privilege, the importance of proper context, Tamagotchi, OPP, Ku Klux Knitting, The Polite Township of Proper Etiquette and Manners, math puns, the theoretical dating profile of “Johnny Taylor”, the condition for all possible relations of dimension, and Star Wars slash fiction.

So this is it, the last of our “Best Of” celebrations, so just try not to be a dick if you didn’t hear your favorite bit, we did our best. Dick.

STAB! 016 – Best of STAB! Volume 3 – Poetry Robot

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