Nov 02

STAB! 049 – Five Beards

Beard 1, John Ross leads the remaining beards: Johnny Taylor, Luke Soin, Ben Rice and Jesse Jones in bearded discussions of WAY too much rape, Johnny Taylor’s small ears, Keith Green, International Day of the Nacho, Alex Duchess of Brittany, a WWII kamikaze attack on Australia, Egyptian Naval Day, French Women voting, Kim Kardashian, the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, a quartet of MDMAs, twelve Ebola Semen haiku, erotic poems about Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, self defense, bikes and an erotic letter to the editor of the Bible, and invitations to start-up businesses like God’s Backyard Magazine, Oliver Olsen’s Over the Hill Party Outlet, Uncle “Ben”s Instant “Rice” and the Breast Removal Accident Specialists.

STAB! 049 - Five Beards

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