Oct 26

STAB! 048 – Dick Smash!

In this wistful episode of STAB! John Ross goads Walker Glenn, George Chen and Jesse Jones into sharing their thoughts on Dagobert, Canadian Women Personhood, Jean-Claude Van Damme, the transistor radio, Lee Harvey Oswald, Tommie Smith & John Carlos, a trio of varied POTUSes, a trio of trios of haiku about Palestinian Jew stabbing diagrams, made-up movies: “The Pseudo Pterodactyl”, “Blister Sisters 2” & “Dick Smash!”, and erotic poems about world “piece”, Jewel and Tetris. Goodbye San Francisco, you will always hold a special place in our– What? You want us back? Oh, we don’t know, we’ll have to think about it– Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

STAB! 048 - Dick Smash!

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