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Aug 07

STAB! 136 – Brevity

This is the STAB! Show. You’re about to listen to it. John Morris Ross IV is the host. Michael Cella, Brett Stultz, Kyle Littleton and Jesse Jones were on it. They talked about four different CO2s, twelve dead chihuahua hoarder haiku, Thomas Addison, the iPhone, Canadian railway disasters, Squizzy Taylor, Don Dokken, the Mir Space …

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May 01

STAB! 102 – Window Duck

We are a country of many diverse peoples from places dotting the entirety of the globe. So it’s only natural to find confusing some things that to others are customary. It’s cool, it’s still weird though… And so in an attempt to better understand the world around us, John Ross, the host of this community …

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Feb 11

STAB! 066 – Cat Gander

Li’l Mister Tiny Toes. Snuggle Wuggle Boom-Boom. Captain Puddin’. These are just a few friends of mine, and they wanna be your friend to. It’s easy as heck, just a little rub under the chin and you right as rain. STAB! host John Ross herds wiley free spirits Danielle Mandella, Chad Bogard and Jesse Jones …

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Oct 26

STAB! 048 – Dick Smash!

It hurts to say goodbye. This fall fling of ours turned out to be something special and now we run back home with a pocket full of fond memories. We will miss you, we hope you miss us… In this wistful episode of STAB! John Ross goads Walker Glenn, George Chen and Jesse Jones into …

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Jul 20

STAB! 035 – Crack a Window and Sit on a Towel

Summer vacation. It meant so much more as a kid. But you can still get out there, splash about, enjoy the warm, sun kissed outside! Do it, do it now! Run and frolic and play! … After you listen to the latest episode of STAB! that is. John Ross points Evan Nyarady, Tyler Kinney, Jesse …

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