Feb 11

STAB! 066 – Cat Gander

Li’l Mister Tiny Toes. Snuggle Wuggle Boom-Boom. Captain Puddin’. These are just a few friends of mine, and they wanna be your friend to. It’s easy as heck, just a little rub under the chin and you right as rain.

STAB! host John Ross herds wiley free spirits Danielle Mandella, Chad Bogard and Jesse Jones for lively talks about New Mexico statehood, the Wheel of Fortune, growth hormones, Mother Teresa, Nancy Kerrigan, the last pyrenean ibex, fifteen Google searches from America, a trio of BLMs, the dating profiles of a Jelly Donut, the Ghost of Christmas Past, and Canada, and the synopses of made up movies “Pumps or Heels”, “The Legend of Sour Cream ‘n Chives”, and “Cat Gander”.

Señor Poquito Fluff Ball. Lord Scratchington. Steve the Cat. Ain’t they all just darlin’? Subscribe today and get all the peepin’ you can handle twice a week and then some!

STAB! 066 - Cat Gander

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