Feb 08

STAB! 065 – A Seven-Year-Old Grandma

Hey Grandma, off to second grade this morning? THAT, is extreme. Be careful out there and watch out for the backflipping monster trucks defying all known laws of physics like it’s their JOB! And try not to catch fire and explode.

John Ross hosts this EXTREME episode of STAB! with Erik Krasner, Alfonso Portela and Jesse Jones as they share their thoughts on the Golden Gate Bridge, Pepe Le Pew, Edward the Confessor, the Norman Conquest, Babe Ruth, Bozo the Clown, Sonny Bono, nine haiku about a New Year’s Eve elevator hero, three various STPs, the tourism board guides for Drug-Free-Zone-opolis, The Republic of Chinese Food & The City of Extreme, and vows to such assholes as a parking meter, that condescending co-worker who’s only been working there a month longer than you have, and an actual anus.

Oh look, grandma brought home a shark made of dynamite and samurai swords. Sure you can keep it nana, you can keep it TO THE EXTREME!

STAB! 065 - A Seven-Year-Old Grandma

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