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Jun 27

STAB! 177 – Emma Town

Welcome to Emma Town, please enjoy your complimentary hoodie and all the corn dogs you can eat! We in Emma Town are committed to delivering you the finest in Comedy good times or leaving a slip on your door to at least let you know we tried. In this Emmatastic edition of EMMA! (STAB!) John …

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Oct 26

STAB! 048 – Dick Smash!

It hurts to say goodbye. This fall fling of ours turned out to be something special and now we run back home with a pocket full of fond memories. We will miss you, we hope you miss us… In this wistful episode of STAB! John Ross goads Walker Glenn, George Chen and Jesse Jones into …

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Oct 19

STAB! 047 – Shoulder Shaft

It’s nice to get away every now and then. To hit the road and see the world, even if it’s less than 100 miles away from the world you already know. So STAB! did. STAB! did that very thing. In this, STAB!’s first trip to Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco California, John Ross welcomed …

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Dec 09


This is the intro description to STAB005! I hope you came to party, cuz we sure did! This particular episode is smack full of The Family Pettigrew (Nick and Miceala), a singing Ben Rice and hip-hopping Jesse Jones! Together, with the help of host and self-promoter @xjohnrossx – http://www.johnrosscomedy.com they tackle such concerns as, The …

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