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Jan 12

STAB! 060 – Zippers Are Better Than Buttons

If I hit my thumb with a hammer, I kill that hammer. It had it comin’. Not all doors swing the same direction. That’s a mean trick doors play. STAB! is a good show about not good things writ by terrible people. Don’t believe me? You will. STAB! host John Ross asks guests Joe-Joe Louis, …

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Jun 03

STAB! 030 – Coffee Chat

Hey, thanks for coming, let me buy you a drink. How’s things? Did you hear about STAB!’s new promotion? What’s that all about? I thought for sure you were going to get that raise. STAB!, what a bitch. And don’t EVEN get me started on who’s been fraternizing with whom in the supply closet! Listen …

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Dec 09


I hope you came to party, cuz we sure did! This particular episode is smack full of The Family Pettigrew (Nick and Miceala), a singing Ben Rice and hip-hopping Jesse Jones! Together, with the help of host and self-promoter @xjohnrossx – http://www.johnrosscomedy.com they tackle such concerns as, The first Miss Black America, An AIDS hugging …

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