Jun 03

STAB! 030 – Coffee Chat

Hey, thanks for coming, let me buy you a drink. How’s things? Did you hear about STAB!’s new promotion? What’s that all about? I thought for sure you were going to get that raise. STAB!, what a bitch. And don’t EVEN get me started on who’s been fraternizing with whom in the supply closet!

Listen intently why don’t you, as STAB! guests Johnny Taylor, Stephen Ferris and Jesse Jones calmly discuss such important topics as Johnny Taylor’s character work, Levi’s jeans, HIV, dish network dishes, Delorean theft, the death of all things R, the top 15 Google searches of Google, underwater hip-hop, the surprisingly numerous ways to make love incorrectly, STAB!con 2016, Johnny Taylor’s murder of STAB! regular Jaime Fernandez’s dog, B.B. & Ben E. King haiku, an on the spot love making poem made angry, temporary gang harmony, competitive spitting and Child’s Play 7: this time, it’s Pizza!

This has been good. We should do this more often. I totally thought you hated me. Isn’t that funny? Well alright, I’ll see you back at the office. And hey, wasn’t it annoying how that show just kept going on behind us, no matter how much we kept talking? Super rude.

STAB! 030 – Coffee Chat

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