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Oct 24

STAB! 093 – Best of “Reorganization” Volume 1

Did you know that sometimes words aren’t just words but are other words hidden inside of that word? Those tricky bastard words are “acronyms”. Well we at STAB! don’t let those deceitful words just have their way with their made up nonsense. We reorganize them suckas! Word hater John Ross guides this Best of “Reorganization” …

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Jun 03

STAB! 030 – Coffee Chat

Hey, thanks for coming, let me buy you a drink. How’s things? Did you hear about STAB!’s new promotion? What’s that all about? I thought for sure you were going to get that raise. STAB!, what a bitch. And don’t EVEN get me started on who’s been fraternizing with whom in the supply closet! Listen …

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Jan 15

STAB! 008 – The Red Album

In STAB! #8, John Ross (host) had guys named Jesse Jones, Mike Cella and Bill Wallis take you on a literary ride that I’ll bet you 100 Susan B. Anthonys that you can’t imagine. The topics they discussed were the aforemmetioned Susan B. Anthony, Tesla (the band), probes, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Bing Crosby, The …

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