Jun 27

STAB! 177 – Emma Town

Welcome to Emma Town, please enjoy your complimentary hoodie and all the corn dogs you can eat! We in Emma Town are committed to delivering you the finest in Comedy good times or leaving a slip on your door to at least let you know we tried.

In this Emmatastic edition of EMMA! (STAB!) John Morris Ross IV welcomes Emma approved guests Court Hansen, Willie Travis, Parker Newman and Jesse Jones to share with Emma their four different takes on AWWW, twelve penis graffiti pothole haiku, their thoughts on World Press Freedom Day, the 1851 San Francisco fire, bowler Jason Queen, the Philadelphia Medical College, National Chocolate Custard Day, Richard Scarry, the Kentucky Derby, meat rationing, tourism guides for Limpton, Impostertopia, Shortandcurlyilvania, & Halfwayington, and wedding vows to a person who never laughs but just goes “Pshh”, a confederate statue, a know it all teenager, & an over sharing gossip.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit Emma town, now we know who you are, NERD. Now don’t bother us, anymore, this was already weird enough. Thanks, BYE!

STAB! 177 - Emma Town

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