Dec 11

STAB! 375 – Yo, This Product Sucks!

In this unsatisfactory episode of the STAB! show, one star host Jesse Jones welcomes a hastily returned panel of Willie Travis, Brett Stults & Dayna Bryant to share their three takes on PCOF, bootlegs of Fievel Goes West, Armageddon, & American Horror Story, campaign speeches from an empty energy drink can running running for a position on the under the front seat forever council, the former backwards R from the Toys “R” Us sign running for positions on freeway street signage, & a Suave body wash coupon running for a position in a wallet, reviews of things including an Amazon review of that feeling of knowing you’re late when you wake up even without looking at a clock, a Yelp review of a street side food cart run by mythological animals, & a Game Informer review of cats, and tourism guides for that city in Canada where everyone’s high school girlfriend/boyfriend lives, Bottomless-mimosa-ton, & It’s-barely-noticeaville.

STAB! 375 - Yo, This Product Sucks!

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