Dec 08

STAB! 374 – An Akira Type Situation

In this dystopian episode of the STAB! show, supernatural host Jesse Jones welcomes a flesh mound panel of Nicole Eichenberg, Leo Antolin & Sean Crandall to share their three HSTs, pick-up lines to or from the clearance aisle at Michael’s, a guy who always launches snot rockets, & protoplasm, recipes for vacation that’s more trouble than it’s worth, meeting a partner’s parents for the first time, & your standard elementary school Thanksgiving pageant, run downs of new drugs, Big Deborahs, Gnawsenges, & Zyrtrublinox, and descriptions of new businesses including someone who sells Bcorns to whole food distributors, a sports almanacs dealer in a world where everybody owns a time machine, & a chain of restaurants that sells gourmet meals in the form of hamster food pellets.

STAB! 374 - An Akira Type Situation

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