Mar 07

STAB! 070 – Shut Up Edgar

This isn’t about you so shut it! Shut it up Edgar! Quiet. Shush! Shushy-shush! Shut it up and shut it down. You’re on the next show, so for now just shut up Edgar, we’ve got a show to do!

John Ross tells Edgar to shut up while Jon Gomora, Emma Haney and Jesse Jones also tell him to shut up, while they talk about the Calavese cable car disaster, Dutch windmill exports, commercial cheese, Dick Button, short shorts, Cuban trade embargo, fifteen Punxsutawney Phil, Google Searches, a trio of NSFWs, angry poems about the Spice Girls, Spice Racks and being angry about having to write a poem, and the dating profiles of the Oscar Statue, the Kool-Aid Guy, and “MC Hammer”.

Edgar! Shut up! Shut up Edgar! Seriously! Enough is enough! Enough is TOO MUCH! Just please, pretty please, pretty pretty, pretty please just shut up already! … Thank you, Edgar, thank you so– No, see, you ruined it!

STAB! 070 - Shut Up Edgar

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