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Jul 03

STAB! 386 – A Seductively Timid Geo Metro

In this coquettish, unassuming episode of the STAB! show, erotically wind tunnel tested host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of the carsonas of Frankie Lord, Jeff Brown & Jaclyn Weiand to the Crocker Art Museum’s ArtMix once again to share their three takes on MOCA, recipes for someone who has too much of the wine …

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Mar 07

STAB! 070 – Shut Up Edgar

This isn’t about you so shut it! Shut it up Edgar! Quiet. Shush! Shushy-shush! Shut it up and shut it down. You’re on the next show, so for now just shut up Edgar, we’ve got a show to do! John Ross tells Edgar to shut up while Jon Gomora, Emma Haney and Jesse Jones also …

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Feb 17

STAB! 014 – Best of STAB! Volume 1 – I Can Hazmat Suit?

It’s our own PERSONAL “Celebration Time”! In honour (the extra “u” is for extra class) of our two year STABiversary, please enjoy the first in our series of “Best of” shows! Ben Rice, Stephen Ferris and Jesse Jones help celebrate STAB!’s cotton anniversary with host John Ross and their thoughts on corporal punishment, the World …

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