Jul 29

STAB! 084 – Poke Mongo

Do you have what it takes to pester a poor, lonely forest dwelling hermit?! Well prove it! Poke Mongo! Poke him in the town, poke him by the river, what ever you do, just Poke Mongo!

Or, if you’d rather, you can listen to STAB! Host John Ross talk to STAB! Guests Erik Krasner, Tyler Kinney and Jesse Jones about STAB topics such as Elderly Man Day, the Peasants Revolt, Hockeyist Tyler Kennedy, Alcoholics Anonymous, Boy George, Area Code 540, nine Haiku about attempted child abduction via Hawk, the dating profiles of a Spoon, a Ham Sandwich and a High Five, three different POKEMONGOs and the tourism guides to the cities Fistadelphia, Susan Sarandonton, and a Swimming Holington.

Hey, did Mongo ask you politely to stop poking him? Good! Then you’re doing it right, poke him some more, see if you can make him cry! Spoiler alert: YOU CAN! POKE MONGO!

STAB! 084 - Poke Mongo

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