Dec 13

STAB! 098 – Karate Friends

If you do karate, you could hardly help yourself from having karate friends. It would seem to come with the territory. But not all of us have colorful belts, but would sure love to have friends who did. How do people do that?

John Ross leads this episode of STAB!, discussing with Cory Barringer, John’s “cousin” Lippy Whatnot and Jesse Jones non-karate subjects like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Illegal Italian Fireworks, Nigel Buxton, indoor softball, the first eclipse, Lucy & Desi’s wedding, three different takes on NAAKKK, the synopsis of made-up movies: “The Tales of Joe Cockerspaniel”, “Ginger, NO!” and “Muppet Gravy”, the Top Five Google searches of each guest’s Best Selves, and erotic poems about home renovations, the Spanish language, and Meals on Wheels.

I mean, just because they dedicate their lives to the martial arts, doesn’t mean they can’t know others who haven’t. That’s not, like a rule is it? Man, I want karate friends.

STAB! 098 – Karate Friends

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