Dec 07

STAB! 097 – A Rube Goldbergian Suicide Machine

Life offers us plenty of choices, so why shouldn’t its last, be a whimsical one? As all of the cogs in your intricate machine lock in place, be amazed by all of the possibilities of life one last time.

STAB! person John Ross probes the minds of Lendy West, Ellis Rodriguez and Jesse Jones, quizzing about them on such hot button topics as Meteorite Murder, Clay Aiken, human face transplants, Jewish lawyers, Olga Rypakova, Rob Pilatus, three different takes on CUBA, nine Dutch Duck genocide haiku, hot pickup lines for the Mario Brothers, Sacramento Kings Mascot Slamson and a 1940s Typewriter and the sales pitches for spittoons in a town afflicted with dry mouth, toilets for genital and rectumless peoples and a rap demo tape to your mom’s friends.

Cause and effect, that’s what’s brought us here, and that’s what will take us away, if we know how to do it and if we’ve got the dedication to showing existence one more time who was really the boss of you all along.

STAB! 097 – A Rube Goldbergian Suicide Machine

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