Dec 19

STAB! 099 – Bottle Koozie

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Does that go there? Can that go there? Two different questions and the answer to one is not necessarily the answer to both. But who am I to question your form and function?

These answers and so many more, culled by STAB! Man, John Ross, from guests Jaime Fernandez, Parker Newman and Jesse Jones as they tell us what 99 things they’d like to have, and talk about a Charlie Brown Christmas, the eradication of Smallpox, Joycelyn Elders, Frank Sinatra Jr., Jerry Rice, G.E.’s Communist Purge, nine Russian Teen decapitation haiku, three different FAQs, explanations of why Jaime isn’t married, to her mother, the ultimateness of metal explained to Trisha Yearwood fans, and how sausage is made to a sausage, and angry/erotic poems about parades, charades and chicken marinades.

Your storage capacity may differ from mine, and it is not my place to question how you choose to stock your shelves. But if you say that beer bottle will last longer for the task you have set ahead, well, you’d probably know better than I.

STAB! 099 – Bottle Koozie

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