Dec 12

STAB! 111 – Oh, Oh, OH Canada!

Oh hey there, I didn’t see ya come in. Ya like what you see? Oh sure you can take a gander. Lookin’ don’t hurt nobody so’s long as you get permission, and yeah, I sure as heck am sure givin’ it.

In this episode, host John Ross politely asks Robert Berry, Cheryl Anderson and Jesse Jones all about the Encyclopedia Britannica, Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder, Roy Orbison, the first sound recording by Thomas Edison, violent Olympic water polo, three takes on IRL, nine Haiku about Vietnamese adultery revenge, erotic letters to the editors of “Clean Eating Magazine”, “Canadian Living Magazine”, and “Birds & Blooms Magazine”, and finally the dating profiles of a Motel 6 Housekeeper, the State of Minnesota, and “That Bitch Nadine!”

Now don’t that just beat all? Oh yeah, sure. I can see yer syrup just startin’ to there y’know. Why you’re just shakin’ like a maple leaf. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle, gentle as can be. Oh, you betcha.

STAB! 111 - Oh, Oh, OH Canada!

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