Dec 18


The guidelines have been laid out very clearly. Failure to adhere to the gift exchange policy will result in review of the holiday festivities in general and the party and gift exchange in particular.

In this cheerily seasonal episode of STAB!, shift manager John Ross grills guests Stephen Ferris, Ben Rice and Jesse Jones on such topic office approved topics as Skippy Baxter, the United Fruit Company strike, the patent for the Mousetrap, Judd Apatow, James Naismith, Australia’s love of the Queen, three takes on WEED, the top 15 Google searches of a Drunk Santa, synopses for made-up movies “Stranger Thangz”, “House of Shartz” & “Lady Turdz”, and erotic poems about breaking your leg, picking your nose & paying a utility bill.

These year end episodes are meant as an opportunity to come together and enjoy each other’s company and reflect on the highlights of the year, and if we can’t follow a few simple rules then we ruin it for everyone. Also, timecards are due to Janice today by 3:30.


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