Jan 02

STAB! 113 – I’ll Lie Dead On You

Sometimes things make sense. Sometimes trying to make things make sense isn’t worth it. Because sometimes you use the tune of a sitcom theme song to sing about something from a sitcom from twenty years earlier… Don’t think too hard about it.

In this, the next most current episode of the STAB! podcast program, host man John Ross asks guest persons Alfonso Portela, Bryan Yang, Ben Feldman and Jesse Jones about such things as King Alfonso III, Japanese guitarist Die, Bob Hope, Adolf Hitler, the bachelor tax, Brittany Murphy, Chinese robots, Erik Almlöf​, twelve Canadian teacher taunt haiku, four DOAs, twenty naughty listed Google searches, and the dating profiles of a Christmas Tree, flan, yellow snow and a dreidel.

You’re not still thinking about it are you? I asked you not to. Trust me, just listen. It’ll make as much sense then, if not less.

STAB! 113 - I’ll Lie Dead On You

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