Jan 10

STAB! 115 – Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

Jesse Jones









The world of internet hilarity is a delicate, sensitive one. Sometimes good humor content takes some effort to find. Some people don’t even believe such a thing exists. But it’s there, you just have to look for it.

In this little nubbin of an episode of STAB! host man John Ross rubs guests Parker Newman, Amy Estes and Jesse Jones for all their humor juices, including nine 2028 New Year’s Resolutions, three times three Thai sexy times mishap haiku, the James Lick Telescope, Al Herrin, the final Peanuts comic, Alaska, the Hamilton Watch Company, the wax drinking straw, erotic poems about Randy Newman, Amy Grant songs, & Jesse Jones, and tourism guides for the Still-a-Virgin Islands, Shut-yer-face-a-tonia, & Flick-yer-bean-town.

So go on, feel around, really get in there, we’ll all be happy you did. Great podcast comedy isn’t a myth, you just have to really care, really try and you’ll find it. And your world will change FOREVER.


STAB! 115 - Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

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