Mar 12

STAB! 123 – Huevos

STAB! Comedy podcast! Panel show! STAB! Microphones! Nachos! People watching it sometimes! Funny joke comedy podcast panel show! STAB!

Host John Ross welcomes this show’s STAB! panel of Joey Stultz, Chris Emery and Jesse Jones to share their fifteen Google searches from Lucky the Leprechaun, nine haiku about alleged illegal Florida family bonding, and varying thoughts on varying subjects like Alexander Graham Bell, Todd Bridges, Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto’s smoking habit, Anna of Saxony, solar flares, Tammy Faye Messner, terrible businesses like a hair dye salesman in a town of alopecia sufferers, selling Playboy subscriptions at a Women’s march, and a Faberge egg salesman on a Tijuana offramp, and erotic poems about arts & crafts, the melting ice caps, and spoiler alerts.

STAB! Show! One-hundred twenty-three episodes of STAB! Show! Free! Listen, subscribe, review and share! STAB!

STAB! 123 - Huevos

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