Mar 19

STAB! 124 – Lady Bird

Lady Bird has made Sacramento popular. We’re from Sacramento. We want to be popular. We’re Lady Bird now. That’s that. Call us Lady Bird, at least for this episode. Lady Bird. STAB! Lady STAB! Bird… Something.

Lady Bird host and graduate of an all girl’s catholic high school John Ross welcomes fellow Oscar nominated cast members Stephen Ferris, Becky Lynn and Jesse Jones to share their three new takes on SNUB, pick-up lines from a toothbrush, mom’s favorite romantic novels, and dijon mustard, and other various thoughts on Disney deaths, Bryan Cranston, lady drivers, Willis Farnsworth, baseball rule changes, Swedish Bishop Eva Brunne, their explainings of the workings of things, like: how the internet works to a cynical parrot, how records work to someone who doesn’t understand how records work, and telling that bitch Nadine what’s wrong with that bitch Nadine, and the synopsees of made-up movies: “Come In”, “The Shape of Walter”, & “DumbKirk”.

We like thrift stores! We have complicated relationships with our family! We’re quirky and annoying and shitty and get rewarded in the end completely undeservedly. Love us. Love the new comedy panel show Lady Bird!

STAB! 124 - Lady Bird

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