Oct 01

STAB! 141 – That Bottom of the Lunch Box Love

Granola bar. Those cheese and peanut butter cracker. Raisins. A quiet, forgotten, unforgiving love. We know it, we crave it as much as we despise it. It’s a unsatisfying, wasteful kind of love. Which, to be fair, is mostly hate.

In this quietly ignored episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross VI welcomes pretzel sticks Benton Harshaw, Nick Magavern, Jason B and Jesse Jones to share their lunch, and four different takes on RASH, twelve Chicago gun crime haiku, their specificer thoughts about such randomness as International Biodiesel Day, Kylie Jenner, Swedish warship Vasa, cricketer Hammy Love, the Heron Road Bridge collapse, Paul and Linda McCartney, Candid Camera, America’s Most Wanted, the tourism guides of Boy Land, Stone’s Throw, Look-at-that-mother-f***er-ing-ton, Decapitation-opolis, and erotic poems about celery & carrots, blue cheese, hot wings, and Adam Walsh’s head.

So go on, quietly slip us back into your lunch box, then drop us into your desk and forget about us until June. We get it, we LOVE it. It’s oh so wrong, and oh so right.

STAB! 141 - That Bottom of the Lunch Box Love

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