Oct 05

STAB! 142 – Non-Sequential Bees

Completely untraceable. Completely deadly. Completely Bulgaria. Is not uncommon for to know several thousand bees by name in Bulgaria. Ninety-five percent of Bulgarian citizens buzz.

In this lethally clandestine episode of the show called STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV invites guests Mike Cella, Allie Yada, Jason B and Jesse Jones to share with the people their four takes on STACHE, twelve haiku about a car accident induced black hairy tongue, their thoughts about Louis the Stammerer, National Grandparents Day, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, National Acorn Squash Day, the Miss America Pageant, Buddy Holly, National Salami Day, Bulgarian Umbrella Assassination, the synopsis of made-up movies, “Questionable Quilt Twist”, “The Noiseless Demonic Bird”, “Curved Hot Zebra”, & “Valuable Yarn Cabbage”, and the dating profiles of a glass of milk, the Statue of Liberty, Netflix, & Geoffrey Owens.

Is good, strong Bulgarian listen-vision program. Bulgarian ears are strictly ornamental as Bulgarians have develop ability to hear sound through their eyes. Believe me yes? Believe me no? Good… Good.

STAB! 142 - Non-Sequential Bees

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