Oct 23

STAB! 145 – Chuck in a Tree

Da-da da-da-da things are okay! Two some chichen disks, regular sauce, something, something and a dinner roll. Have it some way!

On this somewhat off episode of STAB! host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Michael Cella, Cory Barringer and Jesse Jones to share with the listening audience their three new BEERs, nine Jack in the Box drive thru death haiku, and their thoughts on CBS Color Televisions, International World Rabies Day, Duke Wenceslas the Good, Boleslaus the Cruel, Freedom From Hunger Day, National Day of Awareness and Unity Against Child Pornography in the Philippines, Edwin Hubble, the synopsis of made-up movies, “Rambunctious Bedroom Summer”, “The Nutty White Birth Club”, & “Dazzle Meat”, and erotic poem about donations, the Police, and motivational speeches.

It’s toe sucking adequate! Imagine inside the tortilla! Eat stale!

STAB! 145 - Chuck in a Tree

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