Feb 21

STAB! 162 – Wiggle Drama

Sometimes everything goes right. Not often, but from what I’ve heard, it sometimes happens. Then there’s times when that doesn’t happen. We call that “most of the time”. Then things get funky, and not like, the bass line kind. The other kind.

In this other kind of episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Rhoda Ramone, Cory Barringer, Stephen Ferris and Jesse Jones to share things you won’t believe they actually wrote about their four INCELs, twelve porn star turned pastor haiku, along with their thoughts on National Winnie the Pooh Day, Botany Bay, cremation, Marion Berry, USS Pennsylvania, the Boston Strangler, Thesaurus Day, “That’s What Friends Are For”, the synopsis of made-up movies: “Goose Crush”, “The Innocent Flame Zebra”, “Romantic Steam Person”, & “The Bawdy Wholesale Church”, and their four perfect endings to the show.

Just know, that even though sometimes things don’t go your way, you could be trapped on a kids show with that disappointment and have to go to work with it every day. So, things could be worse.

STAB! 162 - Wiggle Drama

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