Mar 20

STAB! 168 – Cool Black Dad

Coming this Fall to the CW! Cool Black Dad! What happens when one white family that already has a father figure somehow gets another one, and he’s Black?! Everything you could imagine, and so much more that you could never expect! COOL BLACK DAD!

In this cool new episode of STAB! Mom, John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Joe-Joe Louis, Willie Travis, Keith Carey and Jesse Jones to share with the family their four different takes on CUZZ, twelve Shrek porn haiku, their thoughts on Zero Discrimination Day, Ke$ha, Self Injury Awareness Day, the Australian Army, Horse Protection Day, the Great Northern Railway avalanche, National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, the Swatch Watch, battle rap verses against dead hamsters, Willie’s Mom, Keith Carey, & Mr. Drummond, and the tourism guides of The Land of Touchy-Feely, Rhythm Nation, Get-the-f-outta-here-ville, & Gym-Membershipping-ton.

So check in every week to find out what wacky hi-jinks the family has gotten into THIS time, that will somehow be almost magically solved by the coolness of one VERY cool dad. Who’s also black. But that’s not what makes him cool… Or IS it?!

STAB! 168 - Cool Black Dad

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