Nov 21

STAB! 197 – Twenty-Four Skiddoos

A hearty hail and good day to all the ships at sea as you sail out with the winds of Uncle Sam’s big bourbony breathy on the back of your neck! Go out there and give them ol’ Adolph one on the kisser from all of us back home!

In this star spangled episode of STAB!, General John Morris Ross IV welcomes grunts David Coleman, Parker Newman, Joey Stults and Jesse Jones to share their four takes on ROOTCANAL, twelve haiku about a hunter getting what he had comin’ to him, their thoughts on Terence MacSwiney, Chris Wills, Katy Perry, Yoko Onno, Sony Walkman, Susan Smith, commuter train accidents, and hepatitis, battle raps against a killer deer, dizziness, an old Joey Stults, & bumble bees, and tourism guides for Be There Or Be Square-ville, You-Like-To-Fuck-atopia?, Beach Body Falls, & You’re-Too-Muchington.

And here we go a marchin’ straight up the reich’s back porch with a tin full of freedom and a hop and go skip up side their arm bands! By bonds!

STAB! 197 - Twenty-Four Skiddoos

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